Membership  -   Comfort and Security

MembershipWe want to make sure that you receive the best that modern preventive dental care has to offer.  Healthy gums and teeth and fresh breath should be attainable for most people, so it’s really important that you visit regularly. Regular visits mean we can monitor your oral health effectively, log any changes, and give you advice on how to prevent problems in the future. 

motdental are focused on preventive dentistry, which aims to reduce the amount of dental treatment necessary to maintain a healthy, good-looking smile. Preventive dentistry helps you to keep your teeth by preventing the two major causes of tooth loss - decay and gum disease.

We have a Practice Membership Plan  because we are totally committed to providing our patients with the dental care they deserve. We want to spend more time with our patients and provide prompt treatment using the latest techniques in modern dentistry. The Practice Membership Plan  is clinically proven to stop tooth loss through gum disease ( a condition which affects more than 90% of Scotland’s population) and offers a simple, flexible way to pay for your dental care.

Membership gives you Full Registration at motdental and includes 4 dental and hygiene visits per year, insurance to cover if you break a tooth, a discount if you require treatment and many other benefits. Click here to request an email version of the Practice Membership Plan  benefits.

We also offer a Corporate Membership Plan to companies for their employees. This has benefits for both employer and employee. To find out more please call the Business Development Manager on 0141 641 3498.