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Hygiene hygiene- a clean and healthy smile

Our Qualified Registered Dental Hygienist provides a full range of oral hygiene services to reduce and control gum disease and so improve the overall health of your mouth. The Dental Hygienist works at all times under the direction of one of the Practice Partners.

Hygiene services are available from and included in our Practice Membership Plan which is clinically proven to stop tooth loss through gum disease.

If you suffer from bad breath the good news is we can cure it.  Our treatments can give you that fresh clean breath you desire and restore your confidence in close conversation

Did you know?

  • An amazing 90% of the population has some form of gum disease - and the majority of people don’t know they’ve got it!
  • Many people think it is normal for their gums to bleed when they brush their teeth… but it’s not... we can fix it!

Healthy gums look and feel great – unhealthy gums spoil even the most dazzling smile!

To maintain and improve your gum health it’s important that your gums are checked regularly.  We will advise Practice Members how often you should attend, in order to ensure that you receive treatment and preventive advice tailored specifically to your needs.