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Tooth Whitening

tooth whiteningDo you want a brighter smile?

Tooth whitening is the easiest way of changing the colour of the teeth without changing the shape. There are two main methods of whitening teeth which can only be safely carried out by legally by qualified dentists:

1. In-Office Whitening                                                                                                     

This treatment is provided in the Practice. The procedure takes approximately 1 hour. We normally expect that a minimum of two sessions will be needed, however some people need more sessions or the home kit additionally.

2. Home Whitening                                                                                                                     

Impressions of your teeth are taken at the Practice, then very accurate personalised whitening trays are constructed. A whitening gel is squeezed into the trays which are placed over the teeth. Usually these are worn for about 1/2 hour over several consecutive nights.

Ultra Combination Deep Whitening

The ultra combination package is a system combining the home whitening and in-surgery whitening to achieve the best results.

If you want a dazzling new smile please contact us to reserve a  consultation and find out  how tooth whitening can improve your smile.

This is a routine and very successful treatment which must be undertaken before any cosmetic improvements i.e. veneers are carried out.